Step by step, I follow you Without you knowing, I match my footsteps with yours Your scent passes by my clothes Why am I so nervous? It’s so sweet That small and pretty hand is almost about to touch, it tickles my heart I’m holding onto this soft warmth Our innocent love story has only been told to me Our eyes are locked,my sky turns It feels like I’m floating above the clouds It feels like I could fly, this gentle heart pounding every day, I practiced All the sweet sweet words But when you look at me and smile They all melt down, out of my memory But nothing else is needed When it comes to a boy and girl’s first love With clear eyes, you whispered to me And in that reflection, I am smiling everything looks different Why am I wandering through dreams every day? everyone has this dream at least once even your name makes my heart flutter, this dream called first love I’m falling deeper and deeper, like a child who has seen the world for the first time The unknown mystery that is you, I want to get to know one by one Teach me what love is, only you can teach me
Slowly draw it on a white piece of paper so only I can see You came to me without a sound, carefully spreading more and more everything I got to know through you is beautiful I want to fall asleep forever in this dream Our eyes are locked my sky turns The moment I stepped inside your world I was born again