Star Hunter

Bright and valuable dots

They light up the sky and give the children a smile;

Bring the smallest hope we have left

Bright, hopeful, and valuable dots

So distant and hard to get

So complex and difficult not to fall in love

Bright, hopeful, and valuable dots

They illuminate so many happy moments of our life;

From a nonsense sex to the incredible pleasure of knowing who you love

Bright, distant, and valuable dots

So much value in something so far away;

In small points that accompany the moon

It's like a funny night dance.

Stars and their peers drive the moon in long songs and short songs

Take her home, give her a good night kiss

But no, the little stars, helpless and bright, do not do that.


They are bright, distant, valuable and dead spots.

Every star that I hunt, that I try to reach

Is dead

He died thousands of years ago, but he did not abandon the moon.

Looking at the sky is basically this;

Visit the past, see the great cemetery of God

Yes, God is bad at leaving a valuable and beautiful cemetery just for appreciation

But no, I do not hunt the stars because they are valuable

I hunt them for the simple reason that they look like me

Bright dots, distant, valuable, dead.

Do not you already died inside?