I like looking at couples. I like imagining all they have been through. All their fights, their funny stories, their sexiest moments... but even more so, what made them fall in love. I look at the man, and I don't think he's attractive. Not at all. If I look closely I see the inconsequential layer of fat covering his untoned abdominals, I see acne blooming in his pale skin, I see the way his thighs rub each other out of existence when he walks, and I see him. Then I analyze the woman, the girl. I see her, and even though I could be, I am not attracted to her. I see the way her chubby biceps wiggle when she waves, the way her nostrils flare when she gets agitated. I see her pouting lips, and the way her hairline recedes. What could have possibly made these two fall in love with each other?