LOCATION: Westeros
POPULATION: White Walkers, Giants, Children of the Forest, Free Folk.
LORD PROTETOR: The area beyond the wall has no lords protectors but had a King Beyond the Wall and the Night King.

"Beyond The Wall" or "True North" are generic terms employed by the people of the Seven Kingdoms to refer to the large area of Westeros that lies north of the Wall. It is the only part of the continent that is not part of the realm, and thus the only place where particular attention is given to the difference between "Westeros" (the continent), and "the Seven Kingdoms". It is inhabited by tribes that refer to themselves as the "Free Folk", known by the people of the Seven Kingdoms as "Wildlings". The wildlings themselves are not politically unified but consist of numerous and diverse groups. Many are semi-nomadic hunters, due to the impracticality of agriculture in the far north. Some wildlings are little more than savage and primitive raiders, but other groups live in small settled communities and villages.

Hardhome was a Free Folk fishing village located beyond the Wall on a sheltered bay along the Shivering Sea, situated at the tip of the large peninsula known as Storrold's Point. In the "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels, Hardhome is the closest thing to a true town that the Free Folk ever built, though by the standards of the Seven Kingdoms south of the Wall it was a modestly sized fishing village. It was perfectly situated in a strong defensive position on the tip of the peninsula known as Storrhold's Point, near waters rich in fish, seals, and sea cows, and with abundant supplies of timber and stone in the surrounding cliffs (which were also well-sheltered with caves).

After the Battle of Castle Black, Lord Commander Jon Snow and Tormund take the Royal Fleet to Hardhome in order to convince the Free Folk there to come back to Castle Black with them.During the massacre of Hardhome, the entire village was invaded and destroyed by the White Walkers and wights. Those killed during the battle were all resurrected as wights by the Night King. The survivors of Hardhome went on board the fleet docked outside the bay.

The Fist of the First Men is a landmark in the wilderness beyond the Wall. It is an ancient ring fort located at the crown of a defensible round hill with an excellent view of the surrounding countryside. Ranging parties from the Night's Watch use it to orient themselves and also as a possible fallback position in case of combat with the Free Folk. It can only be reached by a steep climb on stony ground. It has served as a natural defensive position since the time of the First Men.
A map showing the location of the Fist of the First Men on the continent of Westeros. The Fist is located many days north of the Wall, deep in territory held by the wildlings. It is located at the western edge of the Haunted Forest, where the foothills of the Frostfang mountains begin. It commands a view overlooking the Milkwater river.
Physically, the ring fort is a simple circle of large megalithic stones around the top of the hill. The stones are incredibly ancient, the site having been used as a defensive position for well over six thousand years. While the Fist isn't really a castle or even a structure, due to its positioning on a lone hill commanding the surrounding flat plain, it is one of the more defensible positions that the Night's Watch can use north of the Wall.