Boys and Crushes ❥ 3 - I did it!

I wish I could just asked you what you think of me.

September 1, 2017

Last night was a very rough night for me. My friend E told me what my other friend thought about surfer boy. How? They were playing truth or truth but what I found that was really disgusting of the other girl is that she likes this other guy but she only uses him!

Please don't be like that, using a guy for the title girlfriend etc

E asked the girl: If you could kiss any person in the class, who would it be?
She instantly said surfer boy.
Ever since she found out about me liking surfer boy she started digging him too! She has tried to put me off many times saying that ooh he likes me not you!
I have absolutely no clue how she found out though!

When E told me that she replied with sufer boy I was so angry. So instead of waiting 3 weeks for the moment I ask, I asked at 9:45pm in the hope he might say yes.

1 hours passes, 3 hours pass, 13 hours pass... As every hour ticks by I get less excited that he'll say yes. I even have a feeling that he just deleted the conversation without reading what I had to say!

If the worst thing worst happens, I'll ask him in person if he doesn't see it in the next 4 days.


I will keep you guys updated with what he replies with or what action I have to take on.