LOCATION: Westeros
RELIGION: The Old Gods
CAPITAL: Winterfell
BLOODLINE: First men
-House Bolton, Dreadfort.
- House Dustin, Barrowtown.
-House Glover, Deepwood Motte.
-House Graystark, Wolf's Den.
-House Karstark, Karhold.
-House Locke, Oldcastle.
-House Magnar, Kinghouse.
-House Manderly, White Arbor.
-House Mormont, Bear Island.
-House Reed, Graywater Watch.
-House Stark, Winterfell.
-House Umber, Last Heart

The north is one of the constituent regions of Westeros and was a sovereign nation ruled by Kings in the North before Aegon's Conquest. The largest region of the Seven Kingdoms, the dominion of House Stark extends from the border of the New Gift, which is controlled by the Night's Watch, to the southern edge of the Neck far to the south.
Bastards of noble origin raised in the north are given the surname Snow, like our lovely Jon (but we know he isn't a Snow lmao).
The climate of the North, though harsh overall, varies from cool (maritime) temperate around the Neck, to cold temperate around Winterfell, and to subarctic at the Wall. The lands south of Winterfell leading to the Neck are almost as fertile as the Riverlands to the south, and are the most agriculturally productive region of the North. The Neck itself is filled with swamps. Snowfall generally increases as one moves north along the Kingsroad.

In the north there's a very important costume: the guest right. Guest right is an ancient and sacred custom in Westeros, going back thousands of years to the First Men. It's also recognized in the Free Cities. If someone doesn't respect the guest right he will be considered one of the worst criminals. The legend of the Rat Cook of the Nightfort concerns guest right. Its song is used to represent the repercussions that await those who violate this sacred law of hospitality. Maester Egbert wrote about northern violations of guest right in Justice and Injustice in the North: Judgments of Three Stark Lords, with only kinslaying being an equivalent crime. Lord Lyman Lannister provided guest right to Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaena Targaryen, protecting them from King Maegor I Targaryen. During his dispute with House Webber, Ser Eustace Osgrey refused hospitality to Lady Rohanne Webber when she neared the lands of House Osgrey.

The crannogmen are so called for their habit of living in small villages formed of reeds and thatch that sit atop floating islands in the mire (crannogs). They are a poor people and seldom leave their lands, subsisting on fishing and frogging.
They are talented hunters and warriors and despite their short stature and somewhat primitive lifestyle, the crannogmen have proven a notoriously difficult people to conquer. They use nets, bronze knives, frog spears, and round leather shields. They fight with poison, guerrilla tactics, and a mastery of their difficult terrain. According to those who have fought them, their houses, even their castles, move. They are disparaged as frog-eaters, swamp-dwellers, mud-men, and bog devils by most other people of the Seven Kingdoms, and are looked down upon for their tactics, which are viewed as cowardly. Some claim the Crannogmen's smaller size is because of intermarriage with the children of the forest, while others attribute their size to poor nutrition. (probable)
The crannogmen are now ruled by House Reed from Greywater Watch. Other families of crannogmen are House Fenn, Peat, Boggs, Cray, Quagg, Greengood and Blackmyre. They have a feud with House Frey, who have ruled the lands immediately to the south in the northern riverlands for six centuries.

Skagos is an island in the North. It is located off the north-eastern coast of Westeros, in the Shivering Sea. It is separated from the mainland by the Bay of Seals. Skagos is the largest in a group of several islands, including Skane. In the "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels, Skagos is nominally part of the North and is ruled by House Stark of Winterfell. However, in practice Skagos is located so far away from the centers of civilization that its inhabitants are virtually ignored and allowed to pursue their own customs and practices. According to myth, unicorns live on Skagos. There is a small kernel of truth to this, but the "Skagosi Unicorn" is essentially just an enormous one-horned species of goat. The island is mountainous, with treacherous currents surrounding it.