I chose to travel.

Today was one of those days that i know I’m going to look back o a realize that one decision had the potential to completely change my life. I’m 24 years old and was going to bite the bullet and buy a house with my sister. We figured what our down payment would be what loans we could get and even had renters lined up to help the expense. While the house was slightly out of our budget it was close enough to where it would been struggle but we could make it work. Everything seemed to be in our favor until one detail started to become very clear to me; i wouldn’t be able to afford to travel.

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Could i give that up? To be completely independent but stuck where i was? To stay in my hometown that I love but always seem to appreciate more after I’ve been somewhere new? To lose the freedom to plan new places to go? To possibly never make it to places i was dying to see? To risk looking back on this time and regret never taking a chance to see everything I could?

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One day i will own my own house. It will have a wide open kitchen with a beautiful back yard with plenty of space for my dog to run and play. It will have space for all my books and a cozy reading nook. There will be a fire place for chilly fall nights and tv to watch all my favorite sports. These are all things things that i want, but it wasn’t the house and it wasn’t the time.

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So today I chose to travel.

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