Fall is a period of transition and it's so fun when it comes to fashion. I've gathered a few trends that I think will be all over this fall of 2017. Let's begin...

  • Denim with pearls and embroidery 🌹

Denim is always in trend but this fall jeans or jackets with pearls or embroidery are the way to give personality to your denim.

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  • Red ❤️

If you want a pop of colour red is the one (red lips, red nails or a full red outfit). It's a powerful colour which get's noticed really fast.

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  • Belt is the accessory for this fall.

Even if you need it or not a belt is a simple way to style your outfit and to make it more put together.

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  • Sweaters are an all time must for fall fashion 🐶

They are so cute and cozy.

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  • Bomber Jackets are the perfect ones to keep you warm.

They come in so many different models so you can choose what fits your style best.

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  • Velvet is the material that will take over this autumn.
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  • Checkered patterns

In my opinion they work well on shirts, jackets and scarfs. 😍

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This are some of the pieces that I can't wait to wear this fall. What would you love to have into your wardrobe? Let me know if you liked this article and thank you for reading... 🤗🐘

For more inspiration if you want follow my fashion collection. 😊

And don't forget... wear what you love. ❤️