He isn't shy, he's just reserved.
He likes to keep himself for those who do deserve
His love.
His black, long hair covers his eyes,
Across the room of the cafe, with a glance raised above his glasses he spies
A girl.
And as he stares at her, she sparked his interest,
Standing in the morning sun's light, her soft glow and smile had him impressed
And wishful.
He didn't know why he would put value into beauty,
His life has taught him better than to judge by covers, yet how could he
Just ignore her?
So he decides to try something new, despite his fears and better judgement.
He goes over to her table, asks politely if he may join her for a moment.
She blinks.
And as her smile grows bigger, she replies
"I would love to sit with you." And from then on they started to tie ties,
Getting their heart strings intertwined.

Thank you for reading. Hope this was enjoyable, I wrote it myself.