Hello to anyone reading! (if anyone's reading this at all). This new article thing seems like a cool idea, thought I'd try it out and see if my writing gets any attention.

So a little bit about my life...

I am 19 years old, and currently in college studying psychology. I live in an on-campus dorm with 5 other girls who I love and get along with very well :). I am growing very comfortable with being away from home and becoming more and more independent every day. I have a boyfriend who I adore, and he adores me too. I would say despite some personal insecurities and financial issues I'm pretty happy with my life at the moment.

Sometimes I fear my future. Will I be successful? Will me and my boyfriend stay together and live happily ever after, or will we crash and burn? Will I ever be financially stable enough to move wherever I please? Will I hate my life or love my life?

There's so many questions that you have to face after you graduate high school and venture out into the real world.

For now I am still learning to worry less and be the best person that I can be in this world. I hope for good things in the future.