Today i decided to start a new type of article. I wrote some poems about me, so you can get to know me better.

DISMCLAIMER: I'm not a writer or anything. I had never wrote something in my life so this is my first time. Also, the poem is a little dark but I hope you get the idea.

im different
i know
im cold
but yet so warm
i don't cry
but i feel everything
i always shine
even when im dark
i don't love
even when i want to
and sometimes i love
when i don't need to
nobody relates to me
when i relate to everybody
i want to say so much
but i can't
im my own kind of person
in a world of millions of people
i feel so different
but yet im just another normal person
maybe different is good
or maybe, different is different

Sham Rojas

Thank you