My ex was everything to me. He treated me so damm well, he was so nice for everyone that was why I loved him.
The love of my life and I've lost him. When we broke up I was devastated and I felt so lost at the time.
And then a depression comes... all our commun friends took his side and no one supported me, actually they made jokes about me. They said I was a loser because he left me.
After I cured my depression I thought that I would be finally happy, but I was so wrong. I discovered that the reason he broke up with me was this girl he cheated on me with. My heart dropped and I was empty again but this time I was angry and I wanted my revenge. But I got smarter I got hotter and I did everything to seduce him to get him back and you know what I nailed it, that's where my revenge started... I made him crawl back to me and when he fell in love with me again I said that I was in love with someone hotter, kinder, nicer, I thought that I would feel so much better but instead I felt like shit. So I told him that I was lying and that I didn't deserved him... we start dating again and he cheated on me again. One time is too many times, but two it's a luck abuse.