These channels are focused on daily/weekly vlogs, lifestyle and Artsy videos, i will specify the main focus on every channel in the list :)

- Arlin Moore - Lit daily vlogs

- Margot Lee - Lifestyle, vlogs, beauty/fashion and tutorials

- Kris Hui - Lifestyle, beauty/fashion, tutorials, weekly vlogs

- Cat creature - Artsy weekly vlogs and beauty

- Romee Strijd - Weekly travel vlogs

- Jessica Clements - Weekly videos (beauty, vlogs and lifestyle)

- Alexandria Morgan - Weekly videos (lifestyle and beauty)

- HotCheetoMami - Super cool Artsy short films, fashion and vlogs

- Herbert Twins - Fashion, travel vlogs and fashion

- i-D - reinventing fashion films through a focus on stories, events and
characters. (literal description of the content by the channel)

This channels are so cool, enjoy x

Image by tenderlygirl