Hey, most of you don't know me and some of you might know me well enough to know that I'm writing this because I feel like I need to share something very important.

We all are enough! Most of us have the fear that we will never be enough for someone/something/or someplace. But I want you all to know that whatever the voices say...Don't listen to them! you are enough for that person, you have always been enough for that one person that matters most to you. You are enough for that something so go out and get it because the more time you waste thinking you're not enough is the more time you convince yourself you'll never be enough.

I might come off as "Oh you know nothing about what your say" and to you yeah maybe I don't, maybe you've looked for a few words that are different and will bring on that inspiration to do or overcome that one thing you fear. But look you won't find the right words that will push you to do that and do you want to know why? Because the words you're looking for have to come from you! only you know what you want to hear, only you.

so Yeah maybe I am making no sense, maybe I'm saying the same things as everyone else but I'm not here to motivate you, I'm here so maybe just maybe you can see that you are here to motivate yourself.