Hi, my name is Maicee, and this is my experience and what I think of Ulta.

Yesterday I went to Ulta with my mom to get my free birthday gift and another free gift that I had received in the mail. Right as we walked in everyone was staring at us like we were not supposed to be there and that we did something wrong. We could not find what we were looking for and once we did it apparently wasn't even what the company (Urban Decay) sent out the free coupon for, it was behind the counter. We had a coupon for a free Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer, and nowhere on the coupon did it say that it was a trial size but apparently it was and they were out of stock and said that it was like "you can only get it while it lasts" sort of thing. She even said that the product was sold out before the coupon was sent out! That's not even possible. The woman laughed at us when we asked if we could have the other Urban Decay product behind the counter instead of the free birthday gift from NYX AND the Urban Decay product. The cashier and her friend didn't even look like they should be selling cosmetics, they look like they should be selling cigarettes at a convenient store. They didn't even know any answers to our questions and were very rude. I will never go back to Ulta and the Harry Potheads again.