So... I have no idea how to start this.
First of all lets start with my role in the WHI community; well, Im probably the least active "hearter" in this site/app/whatever. When Im on WHI the only thing I do is "heart" pictures that other people uploaded but recently (to be more specific around 10 minutes ago) I felt the need to write and open up and this place was the first one came to my mind because please lets be real this place is inspirational AF, so I thought I could be more open about certain things. (If you keep reading this article you will realise that Im not the most organised writer or person so bare with me cause I also don't know whats going on.)
First I wanted to write something about myself and why Im here before getting to more specific topics so I started writing my first article. I don't know what to talk about; should I talk about who am I, which grade I go to, where I live, how much information is TMI? I don't know what to write but I think I have a decent idea about my next articles so whoever is reading this I would really appreciate you following me and my upcoming articles. See you soon hopefully.
(btw I'm not a native speaker so please try ignoring any mistakes that I know that I probably did.)
Peace out