Dear best friend,
I’ve known you for about 6 years now, and in those 6 years; I’ve discovered new things about you every single day. I actually still am. And every single thing about you just surprises me more and more and all the while it also gives me some sort of a feeling which I can identify as gratitude because I’m more than lucky to be that person you share your secrets with; as small as they may be.
It wasn’t until last year that I began to look deeper into the person you are and when I did, trust me, I had a whole new sense of appreciation for you.
You are by far, the strongest person I’ve known. I know about all the countless amount of problems you have been through and gosh you just stand up so well every time you are pulled down. You dust yourself off, hold your head up high no matter how big the problem is and fix yourself. You are so damn strong that I have started believing that you can probably overcome anything.

You have also always been there for me; the selflessness you have inside you is truly beautiful. You are the epitome of beauty and I don’t care how weird I sound right now because I just hope that you know how truly amazing you are. You deserved to be treated in the best way possible and your existence needs to be appreciated by every single person who talks to you because there are not many people out there who would make everyone their first priority.
All those people who turned against you and tried to drag you down, you pushed them off of you and proved to them that no one can ever break you. It is you, who inspires me to be stronger. You give me the courage to speak for myself and live independently. All those long paragraphs of life lessons from you are something that I will cherish forever because I have learnt so much from them. You reminded me that I am worth way more than I think when I felt like the lowest person ever.
And I also know that you have so much going on right now. To the point where it aches but I promise you, it may not be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow either but you will feel so much more better soon because I know you have that light inside of you to turn every dark situation into light. You can fight through all the struggles, I believe that you can.
You deserve all the happiness in the world and more. And I truly do wish you get it. One day, when you’re living your life just the way you want to, I will be right there to remind you that you made it. You had your tough time but my god you made it and I could never be more happier.
I love you very much you idiot, don’t ever change because you are more than fine the way you are right now.
The person who appreciates your existence very much.