Current location: Sat in a relaxing bath, trying not to drop my iPad into the water below :)

The whole concept of blogging has been devouring more and more of my mind by the day. Being a keen user of WHI with many different accounts, when I heard about the update offering blogs and articles I decided to take the leap and start thinking of themes and ideas.

At the moment, my following counts are low, my reader counts are low and for all I know I may well be talking to myself! However, I don't mind, and if there is one person out there on this vast network of growing minds, I would love to hear your ideas for this blog, whether it be about food, studying or lifestyle in general.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Anorexia. I am most certainly not searching for sympathy, far from it. I am instead hoping to share my journey and healing process with others who may also be suffering.
If however, you wouldn't like this or would prefer more generalised lifestyle blogs such as morning routines or hauls and reactions, then I will be open to try anything... I'm open minded.

Also being dyslexic I find it hard to cope with large blocks of writing at a time so I would love to keep each blog short and sweet.

Thank you so much for reading (if anyone actually is) and I really would appriciate feedback in any way.

See you all soon

abbie xoxo