Maybe when Zalis Lavina first stepped into the castle he sensed the darkness. Or maybe he sensed the darkness to come. He was not confident in that moment but the vision he presently received confirmed that darkness was indeed on its way to the castle.

Bristtol was not the strongest nor weakest of the four major nations, however, the fall of its pilot would surely test its survival. A new era was approaching with a new reign. Trials and tribulations would take place between blood, compatriots, and outsiders.

It had been early in the morning when Zalis was made aware of the situation at hand. The sun was just barely making an appearance, coloring the sky in an elegant ombre of hues. A simple stream of light pooled into his dark room. Reality had not yet set in for Zalis when he had awoken from his vision.

As a clairvoyant, he was no stranger to getting glimpses or feelings from the future, but, this was the first time he had gotten a sight of anyone's death.

When Queen Eliza had stopped her carriage in the street to witness him give a tarot card reading to a local; she instantly took a liking to him and invited him to stay at the castle to be the royal family's personal clairvoyant, he never anticipated foreseeing the fall of one of them.

After a few moments of collecting his thoughts, he could only utter one thought.

"It must be, the future is no longer clean. The fall of the king has been foreseen. The spindle of fate has convened."