Hey Lovelies, in today's article I'm going to be talking about different themes for your workspace

What's a Theme?

A theme is when you decorate something and everything just 'goes together'. If you've seen my WHI my whole page is basically a theme. Anyways let's get started!


This theme is all about the bare minimal, you could probably assume this from the title. With a minimalist theme you tend to go for basic colors like white, grey and black. Make sure you don't have crazy patterns or flashy items!

home, room, and white image


With an earthy theme you wanna for sure add plants! They can either be real or fake depending on how well you can take care of plants. It's also a good idea to have more of a brown wooden desk so it just fits the aesthetic a bit more. This theme is perfect for anyone who loves nature!

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Vintage has become very popular lately. When it comes to vintage head over to your local flea market and you should find everything you need! Basically this theme is self explanatory anything that came from a time before you.

flowers, decor, and desk image


For this one it can either be just one specific color, like my example pink, or it can be multiple different colors. Basically for this theme when you are shopping for supplies stick to that specific color(s)!

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As always if you've reached the end i'd just like to say TYSM, and please go check on my WHI it would mean the world to me!