This is a rough draft of a book I am writing called Entitled by me. :)

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(tambien- is my pseudonym that I use on wattpad. However, I am currently leaving the book unpublished on wattpad until further notice. This is the only place you can find it as of now.)

Here's a snippet:

"Why are you giving me a sword?" I asked completely perplexed. He looked at me with an unreadable expression; it could have been mistaken for indifference or dumbfoundedness. "Because," he said matter of factly, "part of changing is killing. So what are we killing today? People? Ideas? Thoughts? Or ourselves?"


When the castle's clairvoyant receives a vision of the King's death, all eyes are transferred to Gemma Holtier, the first of her name and of her siblings. However, along with visions come secrets; with news as big as death the King and Queen naturally kept the truth between the two of them. Once again she found herself sacrificing her desires and wants to benefit the crown without an explanation. Now to make the situation even more complicated, add in the three guys she has to court, the lack of support from her people, and an escapee with a husband that is bent on starting a war to get her back. Quickly, Gemma finds herself drowning in problems and the only way to save herself is to accept that she is entitled to everything she wants and that it's okay to indulge in happiness sometimes.