Digital era has brought us a wonderful plataform full of new learning and has allowed us to hear the voice of minorities who have been forbidden to speak for years, giving us a perspective of the oppression they have had to go through even in modern age. However, it seems that cultural appropriation still being misunderstood by most of people even when it has been one of the most speaked issues by minorities of all types. For me, this can be attributed to the fact that people think that the appropriation of culture is an excuse for minorities to practice the so-called "reverse racism", but at this point i think the society should understand that cultural appropriation is a issue that only reveals the privilege that some still has over certain minorities.

Let me explain you: Minorities are not mad at the fact you are using their hairstyles or cultural/religious accesories because "they look better in you". They are mad at the fact that you are using it as an beauty acessorie and you are being praised for that while they are being discriminated for using it even when they use it to show how proud they are about their culture. Why? because it shows that it is still a gap between how people treat you and treat them only for their race/religion, it shows how different in skin color and religious thoughts continue to affect the way people see a person. It's just another proof of how hypocritical the society in which we live is.

The next time you say "its only a hairstyle" remember how a black girl is getting stereotyped as a "ghetto" and "dirty" for wearing it while Miley Cyrus was praised for it, even when the hairstyle was created in africans. The next time you say "its just a piece of clothing" remember how everyone called Gigi Hadid "a queen" for wearing it while a muslim women is called "terrorist" and has acid throw on her face by white supremacist, even when the hijab is a clear representation of muslim culture.

Instead of fighting for the right of wearing something, fight for the right of the minorities who created it for cultural motives to wear it without being singled out and discriminated against. Use your privilege to help those who have been told "no" so many times. Become an ally.

- @stillfeelinglove