So I thought I'd share a bit about myself. I was really excited to get some of my poetry out there when articles came out, but I'd also like to talk a little bit about me/my life. Connect with this amazing community! <3

I'm Kaitlyn and I'm Canadian. I'm extremely creative, a bookworm, kind of an introvert (see myself as quite socially awkward but can be outspoken when I want to be), am a fashion and aesthetic enthusiast, a writer and an artist. And so many other things...

I plan on going to school for Social Work, potentially getting my master's degree and becoming a registered therapist. Or I would love to start out by working at one of the many mental health agencies in my area, providing support for those who've been where I've been. It's my dream. I really want to help others who have gone through similar struggles that I have. I have so much empathy and I like to think of my experiences with mental illness as an asset that will allow me to provide insight, rather than any type of shortcoming. Another dream of mine is to have my writing published, one day write an entire novel start to finish, and have this passion as a sort of side career.

However, my dreams are kind of on hold right now. Was planning on going back to school this September but have been having health problems so had to defer for at least a semester. It's a bit disappointing but at least I'm still motivated and have goals to work towards. Not really sure what my immediate future holds, which can be a bit scary, but I'm going to fight for the future and the life I want!!

So I am focusing a lot on self care and just kind of bumming around the house, on the waiting list to get the treatment I need. It's frustrating and at the moment am feeling a bit aimless to be honest. But while I'm healing, I am trying to find positive and constructive ways to fill my time:

*Focusing more on creative projects. Have been getting back into my creative writing and sketching a lot more :) Also would like to start experimenting more with photography again, which is another one of my passions. As well as interested playing around with a few mixed media painting projects and experiment with different mediums and textures.

*Reading ALOT...the good thing is, I have a lot of time for rest and relaxation, so can spend many mornings comfy in bed with a good book, or watching Netflix.

*Constantly hunting for new music that inspires me

*Learn a new language! ...might as well do something useful with all of this extra time on my hands and keep that learning part of my brain active. I speak English (obvs lol) and French...not sure which new language I'll pick yet.

*Coming on WHI and expressing myself through my articles and collections. WHI really helps, as far as giving me something to do and motivates me to write more also :)

*Reconnecting with friends and reaching out to people, even if just to catch up over a coffee. I can be a bit of a recluse and being ill certainly doesn't help that, but it's important to maintain those close relationships.

*Healing my brain as well as my body: doing a CBT workbook, meditation, and art therapy. It's so important to focus on mental as well as physical well being <3

So that's pretty much my life right now...basically taking it easy, allowing myself to rest and just chill, hoping for the best for my future, putting a lot of focus into self care/healing and really trying to work on myself for the better. My life is currently a work in progress...but I am hopeful <3