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This is nothing but a journal entry about me personally. So hello, grab some tea or something because this is gonna all of over the place since this wasn't planned and is hella spontaneous.

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Speaking of tea, I think one of my goals this year is to try different teas. Honestly, I'm a tea junkie guys. It's just of those things that make me really happy. This year is probably the longest I've gone without having tea constantly. Part of the reason for this is because this summer has been extremely expensive especially for a jobless girl on a constant $50 budget.

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Now, I know what some of y'all are thinking: JUST GET A JOB. Trust me, I WANT A JOB. However, my parents would like me to finish high school before getting a job. Which doesn't work out for me because


Yikes, I sound like a brat but it is what it is.

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To think this whole rant started because I haven't had tea in a while LMAOO.

Another thing that I like that I should spend more money on are candles. They make your room smell good and look aesthetically pleasing. As I am writing this I have lit a Maple Belgium Waffle Candle that I got from Dollar General yesterday.

Basically, I should start spending money on the little things that make me happy, and you should too.

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So, on my list of things to start doing, I have reading and writing. Now I'm not sure if for reading I want to count wattpad books, ya know? Or for writing, do I want to count writing a wattpad book or writing articles or both. Decisions, decisions.

Do people even count wattpad books as books anymore? Were they ever considered real books to begin with?

Anyway, I need book recommendations. They can be wattpad or regular. Just let me know. :)

I'm nice, I swear.

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For those of y'all looking to get fit but don't know how or where to start Cassey Ho, is a fitness and blogilates trainer who has these monthly calendars that she makes for each month that corresponds with a youtube video of hers. It's convenient, free, and relatively easy.


Use the code: back2grind to unlock the calendar. It's really pretty. To get monthly calendars sent to you with the codes just sign up on her website.

THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. I just thought it'd be helpful to many people.


Well, this was all over the place, but nice, toodles.

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