*it's a love story


When you're six years old and your cumshots are still pink life is perfect, it looks like it's painted with a magic brush just like that. So when exactly is life making life impossible for you? When do your tits grow? Or when your face is full of pompous pimples, which you are forced to name because you have become so part of you so much, to be the same essence? I do not know sincerely. In short, I really would love to know it, but you can not know everything, and this just seems to be one of those questions from "what is the sense of life?" To which to find a response would want a nobel. But do not be discouraged, for all teenagers who feel depressed decomposing shit, there is a solution:
1 become apathetic nerd, whose life depends on the play and Harry Potter (to me Harry Potter likes)
2 become the pop star of the school
3 not be in each other.
4 become me.
Well, if I can give you advice, these four four solutions really make you crap, so I'm going to announce a brilliant discovery: there is no solution to avoid feeling a depressive shit in decomposing high school. So after being attacked by the injustice of the years at middle school, I took a drastic choice: to change. I do not mean you have to do your tits again, maybe you're starting to get rid of that monocle on your face, and you start to figure out how to use those twisted tweezers. The first time I tried it I almost got an eye. But in any case all this bullshit of change ...

<< Waiting Watson >> screams, pushes me, the books fall like leaves on the ground.
I said, that change could be frightening. Excuse me instantly.
<<Fuck me!>> Yell at me. Everyone looks at me as if I've been told who knows what it is, if they do it, it's all normal, if I do it, it does, I do not know, something illegal, how do dummy work things upside down?
Returning to the concept of change, I want to point out that you do not really have to frighten yourself from this abnormal word, if you really are going to do something so important to you, then just do it, and do not worry. You tell him one that ...
<< You want to give a move is about to start the lesson! "Bea releases out of nowhere. Do this always, I wonder if its pro pro pro is not Dumbledore.
<< Time. Do you know the time? Give me the time >> puff up, stuffing the sheets of my bulk text into the locker, somebody I keep it in my pocket, if I had some kind of inspiration.
I think we should postpone our boring speech later.
<<Here it is >> murmurs Bea
<<Who?>> I say without paying attention.
<<Get these headphones off, obviously you do not hear me then!>>
<<Okay>> puff, then I look at the point that Bea has told me, and I see Hayley Hilton fluttering his long silky hair as if dancing on the pole dance, throws a sly look and continues his fair walk. I know Hayley from the first grade, at that time it was cute and normal, now it's a psychopathic bitch.
<<So today we do that thing ... are you sure>> He asks, clutching the pink eastpack straps.
<< Si Bea. Do not you want to help me more? >>
<<What do I want, I just say ... if you do not mind? In short you will put your face. >>
<<If I do not do it now, when should I? If I want to realize my dream, I have to move my ass. I have to change. My "MPS" plan will work >>
<< MPS? >> Raises an eyebrow.
<<No one will recognize me, it's quiet,>> she said quietly, placing her hand on her shoulder.
<< Let's hope >>


This is the first week of my first high school life, I'm in the first year, and having to do with adult life is really disgusting, but it's better to put aside the depression now, even though this will not make me feel less shit Decomposition, or maybe you?
Air fall just made right at the door of the class door.
<<Loris that cabbage combines!>> Bea whispers, showing a smile to the whole class, grabbing me by an arm to get up.
<<I play the part of the disgrace as always>> I sigh, holding my white and giant shirt with my hands.
Meanwhile, others laugh. Really, really fun, I should probably laugh myself too, who knows maybe I'd feel better.
When the lessons end, in my pretty cupboard I find the first statements of love:
"Dumb, you do not want anyone" - "You dress like a bourgeois" - "You're ugly"
I save you the other ten letters, they are almost the same.
<<Bea>>I say, when he comes close to putting the books in his closet, <<I do not come to dinner, we see directly from me>>
I do not tell Bea about the letters, just now I do not want to talk about it.
<<What's the absurd reason for it?>> Locks with the padlock in his hands.
<< I have to search a search, so I'm going to the library >> there is no research, it's just a stupid apology for not seeing the faces of those who have previously laughed at me.
<<Okay, then I come with you,>> she shrugs.
<< No! >>
He opens his eyes, surely I am more than her.
<< Loris? Are you okay? >>
I glance down at the tips of the white conversations, and right in front of them I look at the pink ballerine of Bea, I look up my eyes all over her body, a flower skirt with a white blouse tucked in, her wavy hair falling wavy Not over her shoulders, a small pudding, her fleshy and well-tanned lips, two green and large eyes stretched by a line of eyeliner, we're so attached. <<What's that?>> She asks, pointing to a piece of paper coming out of a cabinet slot, she must have been stuck when I close it. He pulls it out before it can block it, and when it opens it, the face becomes red and a neck vein starts to pulsate painfully.
<<Let's go,>> he says, taking hold of his hand, he still holds that piece of paper that actually crumpled in a fist. He walks fast, clinging to me more and more, arriving in the canteen, looking ahead to see the whole huge room full of dirty and messy tables, turns << he's watching >> tells me, then walks toward a round and central table .
I do not like the fold that's taking this thing at all. You see, Bea is easily irritable, besides being very impulsive, she does not think, she only acts.
As I make a small baby, I see her coming up in a chair, then on the table, slightly spread her legs, coughs loudly and reopens one of the letters she had wrinkled.
<< A moment of attention please >> yells, his voice overwhelms the murmur of everyone.
<< I will steal you no more than 5 minutes. You see this morning I was uplifted, but then at the end of the day I was not at all >>
<<And who cares?>> Someone screams. Others burst out laughing.
<< Be quit idiotic ! >> Bea's voice is not high, but low and murderous. Scares.
<< The bitch who has written these nice words to my friend, know that as soon as I know who you are, and trust me that I will find out >> she will find out. Bea was a detective born << I'll make you pay >> let it fall on the table on the table << you can come back to eat. Good lunch >> smiles, this makes it disturbing, he can be bad and innocent in a matter of seconds.
I see her coming down from the table with great elegance << now we go to the library, I'm not hungry either.
<< You have a liver to be a freshman >> says a boy with a school football team jacket logo.
<<Get rid of the feet,>> replies Bea, overtakes him as I notice half a smile on him.

Once home, I greet Margaret busy doing some home affairs, then head up the stairs and catapult into Mae's room, followed by Bea, who of course does everything with much more elegance.

<<I'm back>> shouting hugging her from behind, sitting on the rotating chair of her rotating desk.
<< Then? Before publishing it, will you make it feel to me?>> She says, turning her chair to me,<<Hi Bea, >>she smiles. Seeing a smile Mae is strange, she does not often, and in any case only reserves it to certain people.
<< hello Mae >>
<<Sure. I will make you feel, but ... >>
<< We need your help for ... >> intervening with Bea waving my hand in my direction << giving a different look to your sister, the video should look the best >>
<<I understand. You should stop wearing these wide straps, not your size. >>
<< But I like one >> I crossed my arms.
<<I'll make you think when I dress you like a little girl in a little while.>>
<<I do not want to dress like a lady Mae! >>
My sister and Bea burst out laughing.
<< Do you like to play me? >>
<<We do not dress like a Miss,>> says Bea.
<<But like a pussy,>> says Mae. And they both nod with her head.
<<All right, let's go into my room, and let's do what we have to do,>> I say.

My name is Loris Watson, I'm 16 and I'm in the first year of high school. I do not like pink, I do not love her, glitter, heels, I like books, music, and my neighbor Walker, with whom I change every word one word since I'm six. But I If I have to briefly describe how I'm doing, I think these are the most appropriate words: my main defect is that I do not seem to behave like I ought to. "These are Mozart's words, but we are not so different.

Hello . This is my story, and it's the first chapter, I hope you like it and read it in so many. I'm an Italian girl, so I apologize for my grammar and my poor English vocabulary.