Hello beautiful people,
I was thinking all day what my next article's theme will be..I did three attempts to write but I totally failed cause there was no emmotion, no meaning..and suddenly my mum send me this video:


...after that I realised that this is the perfect opportunity to share it with you. Firstly, I love that kind of videos, I love reading or talking about things that help others to change their point of view. I really believe that giving or helping people is the ultimate gift God gave us! That feeling, when you have just made one single person smile because of you, is the best in the whole world!
That's the meaning of life for me!
We are not alone in this world. We meet people every day, we talk to them, we work together, we become friends, we marry and have kids. To do all these, we have to get close to them and understand them, to feel their concern, their anxiety, their problems, their happiness, their love..and if we care about them we have to be able to help them when they need it, to accept their crazy behavior and face it with them. Like Tony Robbins, I don't believe that we are selfish beings, so we don't act like them! Let's help anyone who needs it! I want you to feel free to text me if you like, if I make you feel comfortable, I really wanna help if I can!♥
I think it's the best time to post this, a couple of hours before september begins, which means a new start for me. Thank you for your time.
Remember to smile and have faith, cause better things are gonna come!