I've been living in a boarding school for the past two years and this is how it is like:

1. Your school looks like a castle

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I know this might sound odd to some of you but I personally think that most boarding schools do sort of look like castles or some kind of interesting buildings. Of course they dont usually look like in the movies but most boarding schools look pretty decent.

2. Your friends become your family

When you're spending your whole day with your friends, you cook with them, you study with them, you watch movies together, you share a bathroom together etc. they will eventually feel like family to you and you will build super close friendships. It's very interesting how close you can get with your friends living in a boarding school.

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3. Your parents are not there all the time

YES they are not there. Meaning that (as long as there is no dress code) you can wear what you want, you can do what you want, you can spend your time how you want to, you can eat and cook what you want. And let's be honest: Yes, that is very freeing and does feel pretty awesome at times. And when you're at home at with parents you will probably feel restricted, sorry.

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4. You have to deal with the counsellors

Yeah, there are downsides too, definitely. One of them is that you're not always lucky with the counsellors and your counsellor might be very demanding/weird/dumb/annoying/strict. How to deal with them? Try to stay polite and do your thing.

5. You'll have to live with another person in a small room

Unless you are very lucky (like I am this year) you will share a room with your roommate. And don't get me wrong: Roommates are awesome. Your roommate can easily become your best friend and you'll have an awesome time sharing the dorm (maybe try not to do everything with your roommate because that can go wrong pretty quickly.) But if you're not lucky you're roommate can be annoying too and you won't always agree on certain things.You'll have to adapt to them and you have to somehow show them that they must have regards for you, too.

6. There are stupid rules

You will be desperate and ask yourself who the hell thought of these stupid rules (at least in Germany that's a huge problem) but you have to accept and somehow respect them. I could write a whole article about how stupid some of the rules are and list them in detail but just remember you can't really change anything about them.