Hierve el Agua

This natural wonder is located in Oaxaca and is one of the two that exist in the whole world, the other is located in Turkey. This paradise is the result of mineral-dense water slowly spilling over the edge. Over the years, the minerals slowly accumulated to form the waterfalls.

Definitely a place you should see once in your life.

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Jardin Subrrealista de Edward James

This fairytale place was created by Edward James in the state of San Luis Potosí. James had this idea of creating this "Eden garden"
and he made it.

In this garden predominates influences of diverse artistic movements and in their majority the structures do not fulfill a utilitarian end, integrated to waterfalls and natural pools integrated to the sculptures realized in concrete.

¿The best? ¡Its in the middle of the jungle!

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Rafael Coronel Museum

This priceless enclosure is one of the most beautiful in the country and unique in its kind for the quality of its collection. The invaluable donation of the Zacatecan painter Rafael Coronel and his son, Juan Coronel Rivera.

It contains on display 10 thousand Mexican masks used in ritual dances and ceremonies throughout the country; also the building itself is a place worthy of appreciation and perfect for Instagram pictures.

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El Oro

This magic town is one of the country's former mining glories. Founded in the 18th century, it grew thanks to the reputation of mines such as La Esperanza, El Consuelo or La Providencia.

The gold rush attracted people from all over the world, particularly to English companies. Its constructions reflect all the European styles of the time like the Juárez Theater and the Municipal Palace that stands out for their decoration in art nouveau and neoclassical styles.

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Lagos de Montebello

You better prepare your aqua shoes!

Lagos de Montebello it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural sites in the country - it is due to its aquatic environments, both superficial and subterranean, originated by its karstic nature, framed in dense pine forests, oak forests and mixed forests with the striking presence of bromeliads and orchids.

The lakes are "uvalas", ancient cenotes that with the corrosion of the limestone rock and the landslides have been uniting through time. It is said that they are 59 lakes.

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Quinta Real Hotel

This beatiful hotel is located in whats used to be the "San Pedro bullring" which dates from the 19th century. After the last corrida in 1975 it was reformed in to what it is today.

This hotel stands out for the beauty of the colonial-style cobbled
and decoration with flowers.

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For more inspiration: https://www.instagram.com/loops_ag

Live Mexico, you won´t regret it.