i love a lot of female singers, but i'm going to try and focus on ones that aren't that mainstream/deserve more appreciation and attention


birthday: 29th september, 1994
albums: 2 + 1 ep
my favourite song: is there somewhere
popular songs: new americana, colors, now or never

halsey aesthetic blue glow
she has beautiful visuals and lyrics and some really interesting concepts


birthday: 21st june, 1985
albums: 4 + loads of unreleased songs/eps
my favourite song: video games
popular songs: summertime sadness, young and beautiful

flowers lana lana del rey lana
her voice is so unique and her stage presence is amazing. i'm convinced she's an angel


birthday: 3rd april, 1991
albums_: only eps
my favourite song: gravel to tempo
popular songs: girls like girls, cliffs edge

hayley kiyoko rainbow flag Superthumb Superthumb
her music videos are all so good and have great stories and lgbt representation!

TAYLOR MOMSEN lead singer of the pretty reckless

birthday: 26th july, 1993
albums: 3 + 2 eps
my favourite song: absolution
popular songs: heaven knows, make me wanna die, just tonight

grunge Taylor Momsen taylor Superthumb
she is seriously so cool and underrated and her band's live performances are incredible

FLORENCE WELCH lead singer of florence + the machine

birthday: 28th august, 1986
albums: 3 + a lot of live stuff
my favourite song: you've got the love
popular songs: dog days are over, shake it out

florence and the machine florence welch florence welch florence welch
her songs are ethereal, her vocals are powerful and she spreads so much love


birthday: 29th september, 1995
albums: only 1 :( but she has some singles too
my favourite song: good news
popular songs: sprained ankle, something, everybody does

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
she is literally so sweet and her voice is incredible and her lyrics are so meaningful and omG SHE IS SO UNDERRATED

KAREN O lead singer of yeah yeah yeahs

birthday: 22nd november, 1978
albums: 1 (as a solo artist), 5 (with band)
my favourite song: maps
popular songs: the moon song (solo), maps, heads will roll

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
maps is one of my favourite songs of all time ever ever ever ultimate fave amazing okay you get the point. check it out.

LYNN GUNN lead singer of PVRIS

birthday: 15th march, 1994
albums: 2 + 2 eps
my favourite song: mirrors
popular songs: you and i, my house, st patrick

Superthumb pvris Superthumb Superthumb
her songs have such interesting themes + lyrics and her voice is so angelic