Bonjour, l’automne!

autumn, fall, and leaves image

An incredible. Beautiful. Yellow. Romantic time of year.

For that I love fall?

Reason number 1:
Leaves! Of course it is. Red, purple, yellow. Maple leaves and the love of a century ❤

autumn, leaves, and fall image autumn, leaves, and fall image

Reason nimber 2:
Umbrellas. They have their own romance and charm. Umbrella is able to show what you personality.

umbrella, vintage, and flowers image flowers, umbrella, and door image

Reason nimber 3:
Clothes. Hats, gloves, sweaters and, of course, the most important scarves

scarf, fashion, and Zara image sweater, autumn, and fall image Image by oona ♕ fashion image fashion, hat, and style image classy, plaid, and snow image fashion, sweater, and white image life, luxury, and love image

Reason nimber 4: Rain. Yes, Yes. at times I love rain.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It rain, autumn, and umbrella image
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Reason nimber 5: It's time to brighten up, home, fireplace, hot tea or cocoa. and books. or movies.

Аnd what are the reasons you love fall?

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P.S. Dear friends, I wish you a warm and romantic autumn!