Hey hearters! Just wanted to share a poem with you guys that popped into my head tonight as I was sitting in outside in the dark. Let me know what your thoughts are <3


We were moonlight you and I,
as you lay with your head in my lap
and it was impossible to tell
where you ended and I began.
We were ghostly white,
as we sat amongst the purple trees
with the smell of winter and wood
permeating the air
and seeping into our skins like the gentle kiss
of a dying summer night.
The world around us
for once, seemed to shut its gaping mouth.
Sound softened by the silky velvet of the scarlet night sky.
My world was plunged into a bittersweet chocolate brown
as we sat together, pale moonlight with moonlit grey.
The lonely yellow stars listened on
as we lazily discussed anything under the sunlit sky.
And we were eternal, you and I,
but only for a second,
under that pale midnight sky.