When life is extra generous with the kilos, you need to be extra hard on yourself to shed them. Being the “fat girl”, I decided to do it the highly criticised way - dieting.
Day 1: Just fruits
The day started with an apple and me being extremely determined to go through the week without fries, ice-cream, chocolates and Domino’s. Apples and then more apples, followed by oranges and papaya; all day I was nibbling. Walking by the notorious bakery in my college campus known for making irresistible cakes, ignoring the inviting chocolate truffles, was equivalent to treading perilously close to the devil’s lair.
Day 2: Only vegetables
I got up much before the sun, thanks to the hunger pangs. My stomach had been growling all night making sleep a distant dream. Tossing and turning, somehow I made it through the night. Water was the only thing I could have at 4 in the morning. During the day, I had trouble explaining to the gentleman at college canteen to get me nothing but pulses and veggies. Roti and rice are staple part of our, Indians', diet. “Rice or roti?” “Just dal(pulses) and sabzi(veggies).”
Day 3: Fruits, vegetables and fruit juice
The diet weakened me. I was suffering but I didn’t give up. No pain, no gain, right? I started bunking classes to catch up on my ever increasing need for sleep. My attendance was on the decrease along with my weight.
Day 4: Bananas and milk
This was the day I lost it. Bananas and milk! Seriously?!!! Did these people think before making such a diet?! What am I - a cross between monkey and cat?! I paced up and down my friend’s room, grumbling, on the verge of tears.
Day 5: Brown rice, tomatoes and legumes
Well, I happily changed it to legumes and tomatoes. I wanted results and I wanted them quick. My GIT developed a fierce enmity with food. I started puking everything I ate. I had to rush to the bathroom after everything I ate. All this didn’t deter me either. Rather, it motivated me.
Day 6: Brown rice, legumes and vegetables
Implied as legumes and vegetables. I was drained. I had no strength for classes. I was puking. Even water made me puke. But I was shedding kilos. And that’s all I wanted.
Day 7: Rice, fruits, legumes, vegetables and juices
I slept through out day 7. I had fruit juice at night which didn’t sit well with my tummy. Vomiting soon got its best friend diarrhoea for company. I added another entity to this diet regime - ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution).
But I survived. I completed my diet. I lost 4 kilos. And that was enough motivation to go on for another week.
Next week: Bunking spree - I barely attended classes. I slept all day. I would feel uneasy if I didn’t puke after a meal. So I would deliberately puke until my tummy ached. For two days I existed solely on air and water. I was going down the bulimic lane. It was then that I paid some heed to my friends and realised I should stop. It took my body another week or two to regain the lost strength and get used to regular meals.
Soon after I had started on yet another of the hundred diets available online.
No pain, no gain. Right?