Hi loves,
my favourite season is autumn, not only because that's when my birthday is, but because I Iove to cozy up near the fireplace, drink hot cocoa, and listen to music.
I'm giving you the songs in my playlist, songs that I can hear myself playing either when I'm walking back home from school on a cloudy day when the leaves are red, yellow, and orange, or if I'm laying down relaxing, or even doing my homework.


Here is my autumn playlist:
▸ Golden Leaves - Acoustic → Passenger
▸ Mykonos → Fleet Foxes
▸ Bridge → High Highs
▸ The Water → Fossil Collective
▸ The Girl → City and Colour
▸ Jealous → Labrinth
▸ Rivers and Road → The Head and the Heart
▸ Grass widows → Iron & Wine
▸ Northern Wind → City and Colour