In the episode "Holidays of Future Passed", a montage of photos were featured to show a glimpse of whats to come for the Simpsons family. Lisa Is shown intimately holding hands with two women in one photo, then with a different woman in another photo. She is later shown married to Millhouse and having a child with him. She also was suggested to explore at a college of the 7 sisters. In the episode Gorgeous Grandpa, Homer was flipping through the reality shows to Lisa's disgust. However, when Homer and Lisa keep flipping through channels and sees a reality show on gay marriage she says 'Well' and thinks about it. Al Jean also teased that a future-set episode in Season 29 will feature Lisa ending up with a woman. Due to how unhappy she is in all of her relationships with men, it's also possible she could be a lesbian.

**I would prefer her with a woman than with man. If you noticed, she was always unhappy with a man/boy.

Actually i dont like Lisa.. But sometimes she have a good scenes