If you love romance books, especially between a bad boy and a good girl, then you definitely need to read this book.

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I will give you a short introductionn to this book: Travis Maddox is the typical bad boy who goes around sleeping with other girls and is one of the best fighters at a secret club. Abby meets him thanks to her friend who is in a relationship with Travis's best friend. At first they don't like each other, but are often left together so they start to get along and develop feelings for each other. Travis changes for her, but they have to face some obstacles.
I want to say more cause I will give spoilers then haha

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Honestly, this was the first book that made me cry,it's absolutely beautiful, a really beautiful love story. You will become addicted to this book once you start reading it.

The book has 2 versions: Beautiful Disaster it's from Abby's point of view and A Walking Disaster it's from Travis's point of view.