Ok... So that's my first article and i hope you'll like it.

I have to tell you that I'm not relly good at writing tho...

Today I'd like to talk to you about...

...everything that comes through my mind ;) (ok...not really talk because I'm the only one here and you just read this but the purpose of this is to make you feel better or argue with my ideas and what I'll do and so on...)


after 3?maybe 4 songs from grandson and I think Michael Jackson is next :))

  • look...I want you to imagine that Christmas feeling because my house smells like cake and it's soooo goood yumm

ok I'm done with the dots I'll just ...write


if you know jacksepticeye I just bumped into thin on youtube

annndddd if you don't know him watch this and you'll fall in the magic green world of jacksepticeye and maybe start listening to rock music

whispering: rock music is great, kids

ok..now..I'd like to say that I like photography and maybe so do you so let's apreciate this great common thing the world is shareing everywhere, from the little photo albums to the Instagram pages and the great big talents we have. Moreover I really like this urban grafitty -or not specific this spray paintings, but the wall paintings are beautiful if they are creative and colorful or meaningful.
Let's imagine that some girl is youuuunnngg and her parents agreed to let her go to the beach with her boyfriend and his parents. Do you agree? I don't really know ...

to many songs?
who's whatching Rick and Morty? Today I started season two :D :D

my house still smells like cake and ..ok..this part is too random. I guess that's it. Let me know how it was?

if there are gramatically or writing mistakes I'm apologising. I'm trying... :O

xoxo kisses and gelly thoughts :*