This T&A is for those who are planning to visit disneyland! This one is for Disneyland paris or eurodisney! I saw a lot of video's and vlogs and I started to notice all Disney parcs are a little bit different than others.
I've never been to another Disney parc like Disneyworld Florida because I live close to eurodisney and the prices are high. I've been to disneyland paris a few days ago and I wanted to share my top tips to enjoy your Disney trip 10 times more!!!

Eurodisney isn't that big but really beautiful and magical! I went the 27th of august for 3 days and I actually did all the big rides and met 4 characters! But still, I noticed a lot of things that could've made my trip even better!!! Here are some:

#1: FASTPASS!!! It's a cliché and everyone knows that you can get fastpasses but there's a way to use them better!
If you want to go on a ride with a long line and you know it's always busy around that ride, try to go to the parc as early as you can (if you're staying in a Disney hotel you can get in 2 hours before the parc officially opens) and try to run as fast as possible to the ride you wanna go in and get that fastpass! If you go and get a fastpass an hour after the parc has openned, your fastpass hour will be in the late afternoon!
Also you doesn't have to wait to get a new fastpass after yours is over!!! On you fastpass ticket will stand at what time you may get a new one!!!

Water can be very expensive in the parc or even hotels! (at eurodisney water costs 3,49 euros) and you don't want to spend that much money over and over again. Here's some advice: there are water fountains all around the parc and even while you're waiting in line for a ride! You may bring your own food and drinks into the parc so take a waterbottle with you and refill it everytime you walk pass a fountain!

Some people (for example me) love to meet Disney characters but it can be hard sometimes. I've went for 3 days and I've only met 4 characters (Queen of hearts, Daisy Duck, Peter Pan & Wendy). So here's how to meet more if this is one of your goals for the trip:
-try to find the hours your favorite characters will be in the parc and where to find them.
-try to be on time and be on their spot 15 minutes before they'll arrive (you will stand somewhere in front of the waiting qeue!)
-Characters in Eurodisney won't be there in the late afternoon! try to meet them around noon! there will be much more characters around the parc.
-If you're planning to visit the princess pavillon, try to go while the parade is going on! The line will be shorter! But sometimes princesses won't be there after 5 pm (and the parade starts at 5:30 pm).

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If you're hungry and it's for example 1 pm, please don't eat at a restaurant! It will be overcrowded, you won't have a table and you'll wait 30 mins in line to order! Try to go around 11:30 am of 2:30 pm!

We all want that perfect picture for weheartit or insta in front of that beautiful iconic castle. But we also know the struggle, there are too much people in the back or next to you! But I've the perfect spot for you!
Try to go to the left side of the castle! The view is so much better and you won't see any people on your picture!

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Those were my top 5 tips for eurodisney!
I hope it helped you and if you have more burning questions, don't be afraid to send me a postcard <3

And don't forget to slay your day!!!

xx m.yrt.h.e