Since I have memory, I think when I was 4 years old, I have always loved to eat, yes, to eat. Even my parents told me that when I was a baby I always pretended to eat.
I have also always liked the cuisine, everything that has to do with food I like, everything that can exist salty, sweet, spicy, etcetera my favorite food has always been the sweet.
Most of the time I spend cooking with my mom, dad or grandparents, I always like to be there helping them and learning new things in the kitchen. In what I like to help is the Christmas dinner, every year we always have the same dinner and it is delicious, leg of pork in sauce, potato puree, green spaghetti with cream cheese, arroz con leche (a very traditional dessert in Mexico) and cake.
And the next morning in the morning we had breakfast Menudo, often is also a very rich and traditional dish in those dates in Mexico; I do not know very well the recipe is still not yet practical but consists of beef (either beef or pork) with a spicy broth, corn kernels, lemon, onion, coriander and is accompanied with bread or tortillas of flour and you can take it With coffee or soda.

I like to make pastry whenever I go out with my friends I make pastry, cookies, donuts, among other things. I mainly like to cook more sweet things because it reminds me that although life is full of many bitter, painful moments and that cause you much courage, there will always be small moments or small people that symbolize me sweet food, be a simple cookie, it is.
I am not in the weight according to my age, well rather than all my life I have been plump, especially in the part of my legs, I am like about 5 kilos passed of my ideal weight. Many people (especially my father) say that I should take care of myself more, they think that I do not care enough and being honest is not that, if I care how I look and my health but I've never been good at sports, very I hardly know to jog, to ride a bicycle, but I do not exaggerate so much in my meals, except that it is a party there if as much as I can.
But I've always thought, why beware too much in what I eat when there is too much food in the world, different cultures with a variety of flavors that are worth trying ?. One of my biggest dreams is to travel and know many places and places to try their food.
Apart from that you also never know when something bad can happen to you, whether in health or anything else and you can no longer enjoy the same way as before the food. For always I have thought, life has been made to eat. By this I mean that you enjoy all kinds of food and try new things.
- Ingrid García x