I've never been much of the kind of person left alone. As much as I've been with not very nice people, I still have company. This was a me about 4 years ago. Over time I realized that it is preferable to seek someone strange as it is, like you and make you happy. But today I experienced something very sad. A friend I like very much is in front of little pieces and it hurts a lot. I do not like being alone because I feel that, no matter how silly it may seem, it makes me think that you like me. I'm writing this today thinking that tomorrow I will talk to this friend to try to solve everything. The funny thing is I do not know what can happen. It may be that everything continues the way it is I have to move away or it may be that whatever I am imagining a drama that is my mind has created. Anyway, the question and future is something unpredictable. There is no way to know what is going to happen to us, but if there is one thing that I have learned that you are not in a position to try, after all, there is no temptation, how can you be sure it would not work? Do you prefer to feel guilty for trying and not working or do you want to feel bad all your life because you did not try?

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My name is Cecilia, I'm Brazilian and I have a blog called Outro Planeta (https://umoutroplaneta.blogspot.com.br/).