Ever wondered why you are on this world?
Ever wondered why you did something you're not proud of?
Ever wondered why you liked somebody who you know was out of your league?

I always wonder about these things.
Sometimes life feels like this little happy fairytail where everything will find their place, and sometimes it feels like the exact opposite of it.
And that's what I find funny about life, you never know what you're gonna get.

I always worship the days where I can see my friends, days that the sun shines, days that snow falls, days that family is together.
But days when it's all grey, and you're alone, those are some less good days to me. But in the end, I will worship those too.
I hope y'all love your life and do whatever the heck you want!

Some old quote I like: Life is a party, but you have to decorate it all yourself.

It's true though, let's decorate this freakin' party and party like we never partied before.
Tomorrow is soon, and make a good day of it.

- A