This is how some people work. They want to be you're friend one minute and then the next minute they don't. People will turn on you. You think you will have a friend forever, maybe its someone you grew up with but maybe not. Maybe you just met maybe not. But I have a friend and he wants to be friends with me outside of school. He wants to talk to me anytime but in school. which personally for me makes me upset. But the other day I saw him outside of school and we talked but the next day at school he only said hey. Which maybe it isn't a big deal to him but to me it is. Anyways the point of this is that people act like something there not online. but when you meet them in person they can be totally different. I know this person and were friends but then I want to be more than friends but he doesn't. I understand because who would date someone younger than them? But I'm ranting now because I don't have a lot of people to talk to. But comment below if you think there is a way for me to figure this out. Please I will take any suggestions.