Autumn is almost here and that means bonfires, romantic dates, hot cholate and warm blankets. That’s why for this blogpost, I choose two cities that give you that romantic feeling. Particularly in the months October, November and December, these cities are must-see places.


The city of London is a very special place to me. My biggest dream is to live and to work in a foreign country and England is one of the countries that’s on my list. In December 2015, I visited London. I immediately fell in love with the city. I celebrated Christmas there. I had never seen such a romantic thing as London city decorated in Christmas lights. Well, I’m going to tell you more about this amazing city!

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Picadilly Circus, London
First of all, there are some wonderful sightseeings in London you must see. There’s the Big Ben, The London Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Harrods and Picadilly Circus. Besides that, London is an amazing city when you love to shop (for example; Victoria Secret!). Another place you’ve got to see when you visit London is the chocolate shop Choccy Woccy Doodah. It’s a world-famous shop. You might know the shop from their television show on TLC.

But London city isn’t about its sightseeings only. Together with Paris, New York City and Tokyo, London is one of the four traditional metropolises of the world. During the Romanian empire, York used to be the main capital of England. After York, Colchester and Winchester became main capitals of England. London became one of the most important cities of the world (together with Paris, Antwerp and Constantinople) around 1600.

As many of us already know, England quit the European Union last year (2016). If you’d visit England right now, you wouldn’t notice any difference. But as from 2018, a lot of things in England will change.

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The city of Cologne is the fourth biggest city of Germany. The cities of Berlin, Hamburg and München are bigger. During the Second World War, the centre of the city almost got fully destroyed. That’s why most buildings in the city are modern looking. Places you’ve got to see when you’re visiting the city of Cologne are the Cologne Cathedral, the Twelve Romanesque churches, the Cologne city hall (the oldest city hall in Germany that’s still in use), Gürzenich and Overstolzenhaus.

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When you love to shop, you should visit the streets called ‘Hohe Straße‘, ‘Schildergasse‘ and ‘Ehrenstraße‘. Besides that, the city of Cologne contains a lot of bridges. That’s because the famous river ‘Rhine‘ crosses straight through the city. The highest building in the city of Cologne is the Colonius telecommunication tower. Famous museums in the city are the Roman-Germanic Museum, the Museum Ludwig and Museum Schnütgen.

Besides all of these amazing places, the city of Cologne is famous for its beer, called Kölsch (also the name of the local speaking language). Speaking about beer and partying, the Cologne Carnival Festival on the 11th of November is one of the largest street festivals in Europe. The people in the city celebrate the beginning of the Carnival season with this festival.

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Love, Vera