Hey babes!
This is my first post ever!
I am going to go grade 10 tomorrow and I was thinking about last year. I was not a real freshman because I attended to an 8 years course/class,whatever you would like to call it, but other new classes with new people were coming to grade 9. I've had my friendgroup, I've knew almost everyone in the school and in my class so it was not that hard for me. Of course we had dramas and fake friends and all that staff.
Soooo here are some advices, tips to survive your 1. year (it may not be suitable for everyone, these are my own opinions and experiences). It can be also helpful for not just freshmen pupils ;)
#1: Dramas
Do not be involved in them, avoid them. Okay, if you are really curious you can listen the gossips but do not spread them or talk about them. Trust me, it will be better.
#2: Friends
Everybody tries to make friends in the first months but you will see and figure out who you can trust in and who are the fake friends.
The next one is connected with this, which is #3: Do not trust in anybody
I know who I can trust in and rely on because I've knew my friends for 5 years. BUT you can not be sure if who you will be in a good relationship. Let's be honest, friends come and go.
#4: Boys
Sry if you are a boy but hey, it can be true for girls as well.
It is not worth it being in a "serious" relationship during high school. Fool and play around a little but you do not need anyone to distract you from your goals and studies. Especially older boys. We all know what they want.
#5: STUDY!
Do your homework, listen to the teacher in class (trust me, it is key) and be friends/in a good relationship with them. They appreciate it and it will be easier for you.
To sum up, focus on your education, be kind with everyone, but not too kind and do not trust in anyone. The most important is to have fun, enjoy every moment with your class and friends.
Have a good year and see you soon :)