It was a frosty winter's day, accompanied by cold winds and a cluster of clouds that filled the sky. The adolescent girl sat in the living room with the blaring LED television on, as images from her favourite program flashed across the wide screen.
And then unaccountably, she paused the television and noticed that the sounds from the Samsung device, were the only ones that could be heard throughout the entire house. She rose from where she previously sat on the white couch and she progressed to the beige wall on the right side of the room, where there were multiple photographs that decorated the wall. Photographs from road trips, birthday parties, vacations, outings and holidays. Photographs that captured moments from the past. Photographs of a happier time.Photographs from when they were happy.

This grand house that the girl stood in was once, a home filled with joy and love, whereby laughter echoed up the staircase and happiness was the foundation of the dwelling.However, this home is now merely a building, filled with the remains of the past, hateful words that bounced against the old walls and people who shared a genetic similarity, but who did do not care about each other. The young girl would hope and pray for a better future, but in the deepest parts of her heart she knew that the recent events that had occurred, would have an ever-lasting effect on the condition of her family.