Hello cuties!

Today I wanted to just share a few self care activities that you can incorporate into your life!

So let's begin!

1. Cuddle with a pet

Cuddling with a cute furry bud is a sure way to just make you feel nice and happy! If you don't have a pet, just hug a stuffie they're nice too!

gif image

2. Play some tunes on and dance

I have a playlist that is filled with a bunch of songs that I love! I just hit play and start dancing around my room. It's so much fun, sometimes I lose track of time.

gif, music, and anime image

3. Go cloud watching

I have been doing this since I was a little kid, my mom would just take me to the park, we would lay down and watch the clouds. It's really a pleasant feeling.

anime, sky, and sakura image

4. Eat something yummy

My favorite thing to do, just eat something good! Whether it be your favorite healthy meal or a sugary sweet snack, just eat something that you like and take the time to enjoy it!

anime, gif, and cake image

5. Watch your favorite things

Whether it be a movie show, or videos on youtube just watch something that'll make you smile! I like to watch videos of my favorite kpop idols, or disney movies!

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6. Self spa treatment

Play some chill tunes. take a warm bath perhaps with a nice bath bomb. Put on a face mask. Do your nails. Just take the time and give yourself a little spa treatment, without all the hassle of going to an actual spa... unless you want to.

anime, gif, and bath image

7. Build a pillow fort

Yes, a pillow fort. There is nothing more fun than that in my opinion. After you finish your fort go inside and do something! I like to just watch videos on my phone, read a book, and eat a snack (like chips or candy)

pink, disney, and girly image

8. Daydream

Simple and fun. Just let your mind drift off from reality for a bit, dream of adventures and unexplored places. Let yourself go and dream of the loveliest things.

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Well that is all today! I hope that this little list gave you a ew ideas of what you can do. Remember self care is bout relaxation and genuine fun. It can help you just feel better. It is an essential. Take care of yourself.

Bye cuties!