You ask me how am I doing. I'll always say I'm fine. Although I don't really get why I lie.

You ask me about myself, even though you've left me in your past. Why?

I always knew we couldn't be together. There are things that have to be done. But I've made peace with myself.

I get that you want someone who shines brighter. You don't want someone who's constantly sad, and you shouldn't. You want someone that can make you happy and you deserve it.

I am enough for you. I am enough for me. I am enough for this world. I just have to learn to make myself happy before I intend to make some else happy. I need to figure myself out before I let anyone in.

And now I know it's not a curse. It is a blessing.

I get to know myself before I get to know someone else. I get to be free before I decide to share my life. I get to learn to love myself before I share that love. I get to discover and experience who I am, what I want and why I want it.

And I won't be sad because I'm not with you.
I'll be with others and so will you. We'll both be happy, we'll both have fun, we won't waste time.

But maybe one day we'll meet again.
And maybe then we'll start over.