Hi my name is Jenny and i'm about to give you some reasons why tea is good for you. Many many benefits. I'll give you 3 for a start Shall we begin?

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1. Helps you loose weight and maintain it.

Yes, many researches proved that green tea is the one that helps you loose weight and for better results you need to drink it with your breakfast. Remember, when we say green tea we mean the herbs and not the flavored from supermarkets or teas that are advertised and saying that you can loose weight. If you want original tea you can buy a. herbs and boil them or b. classic tea bags from a grocery store or supermarkets.

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2. Fish your youth

White tea extracts develop wrinkles,enhancing elastin and collagen, two important factors that prevent the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. Also, white tea can keep your joints in better condition.

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3. Helps with your vision and stress (Sleep tight)

You had a rough day? Or your eyes are heavy, or you can't see as you did before? Green tea is the solution. The eyes, like any part of the body, can suffer from oxidative stress , making them susceptible to diseases. The ingredients of green tea affect the tissues of the eyes especially the one associated with retina. As we come to an end i'd like to add that black tea reduces systolic blood pressure cutting down the stress. So relax and grab a cup of tea, enjoy your life xO.xO Jenny

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