I just can´t thank you guys enough for all the good feedback you gave!! You are all amazing and I love you soo much..
So this time I am here with some swimwear favorites, yes I know the summer is ending but we still have some beautiful days to enjoy at the beach. Let´s start!!!

fabulous, fashion, and girl image
(Yes I know so fucking pretty!!! This pattern is absolutely fantastic and looks really great in tanned people)
summer, fashion, and bikini image
(Ok I am absolutely in love.. can´t say anything else)
Abusive image
(Pinky girls here you have your color in some handsome bikini!!)
Mature image
(Now let´s talk about swimsuits they are confortable and beautiful!! The perfect combination)
yellow, swimsuit, and fashion image
(I´m so sorry but yellow is yellow and this summer it was a big trend without discussion)

Hope you liked this article and be sure that I will give my best to continue doing interesting articles and if you have any idea for a new one send me a message!!!

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