Hello everyone! I hope you are having an excellent day. In my country right now we are in a very cozy climate: full of rain, puddles in the streets, perfect for pulling out those flourecent boots that protect my feet. Mornings with cups of coffee or chocolate and some cookies, just some not too many !!
I am 29 years old as I mentioned in the previous article where I talked a little about myself. And my intention in this new article is to talk about what the title says: getting closer to the 30

Getting to this age is not as bad as everyone would believe. In fact, I would say that it is the perfect age: the perfect age to pose your ideas, to choose a partner, the one with which you want to spend all your mornings, sunsets and dawns. The perfect age to make decisions based on your own criteria and not on those of others. The perfect age to be and feel at peace with yourself where nothing distresses you because you had the stage of adolescence in which you were wrong (like many of us for being human) and learned from those mistakes.

coffee, fall, and autumn image

I have personally discovered that getting closer to 30 is the best stage, I have a wonderful boyfriend, after having gone through stupid, insensitive and narcissistic guys. My life took her a little more calm, dedicating it to my work as a child psychologist and in a juridical office. Spending time with my mother, with my beautiful nephew, my sister and her family and my grandmother.
This is the age of priorities, and my priority is my family, who will always be for me and I for them, go out to enjoy rainy days like this, sit on the sofa telling how has been our day and above all, and dedicating time to God

It is never too late to start making priorities, if you are reading this article, you spent a few minutes of your time to do it, I want to thank you! Whether you are a man or a woman, a teenager or a pre teenager, an adult or mature woman ... Anyway, your age is just a number, so nobody tells you how things should be. We are all different, we go through stages at our own pace ... all in time