• Cats are cute, fluffy and when they look at you with their lovely eyes, everything is good for a second.
cat, animal, and cute image
  • Cats will never let you down. They are always there for you when you come home, sometimes they have even been waiting for you (or maybe for food) ;)
  • Cats love their humans unconditionally and don't judge them.
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  • Cats are even good for your health! Their purring improves blood pressure, and it is proven that passing your time with a cat is relaxing and good for your mental health.
  • They are warm (which is a big advantage on cold days)
  • Cats can be pretty funny ;)
cat, animal, and kitten image
  • It is easy and not much work to take care of a cat, so you have almost no effort at all, and also a cute ball of fur that makes you happy :)

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